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Month June 2017

History of Board Games – Chaturanga

Chaturanga (चतुरङ्ग; caturaṅga), is a game from ancient India thought to be the common ancestor of chess. Chaturanga was created in the 6th century within the Gupta Empire. By the 7th century, it was adopted in Sassanid Persia as Shatranj, which was… Continue Reading →

Gamechurch Academy

Academy West is coming this fall, Oct. 20-22, at the Gamechurch World HQ in Ventura, CA.

King of Tokyo review

In King of Tokyo, players take on the role of giant monsters, aliens, robots and so on—all of whom are destroying the city of Tokyo while also beating up on each other in order to become the one and only King of Tokyo.

Board Game History – Shax

In the northern regions of Somalia it is known as shax(pronounced “Shah”), in the central and southern regions it is called jar (literally meaning “cut”), other names include Djelga or Mororova. Shax has been played in the Horn of Africa,… Continue Reading →

Board Game History – Go

Go (圍棋 or 围棋,  meaning “encircling game”) was invented in ancient China more than 2,500 years ago, which may make it the oldest board game still played today. It was considered one of the four cultivated arts of the Chinese… Continue Reading →

The Gaming Table as a Ministry

I sat down and wanted to hammer out a quick note on the importance of gaming. How it can be a great ministry opportunity if one were so inclined.

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