On September 22-23 we had a 24 hour gaming marathon in support of Yonge Street Mission, in particular their Evergreen Centre for at risk youth and young adults.

We began at 9:00pm friday night with about 25 people and over 100 games to choose from. We also had a virtual reality system setĀ  up (thank you so much Max) and Wii, so there was a lot of different activities to participate in.

Playing Firefly while watching Firefly

Just a few games

A couple of the games that were played include Xenoshyft: Onslaught, Crokinole, Terraforming Mars, and a big game of Firefly while Firefly was showing on projector (we had a few fans). The VR system was in use almost the entire event with games that allow you to explore Mars or the ocean, fight zombies or enemy soldiers, as well as become a chef in a restaurant. The popular Wii games were Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and Just Dance. Saturday started slow but by the evening we had about 20 people come by again for more games.

Right from the outset the tuck shop was a popular place for people to get their snacking needs met. We had a good selection of pop, chips, chocolate bars, and even candy. This carried us through the night until we got to breakfast (fruit, muffins, and quiche) the next day, provided by the amazing Denise (big thank you). At lunch time everyone emerged into the sunlight to scavenge the land forĀ  sustenance to bring back to their game tables. Then at supper time we all had delicious Pizza thanks to the lovely Wendy and Pizza Pizza.

We had a great stash of prizes at our raffle table provided by some great people and companies. Cardboard Koinonia itself donated games, a dice tower, and a Funko Pop figure, Dave donated a bunch of different sets of dice, Yonge Street Mission donated Muskoka Beer, and Chardonnay which we turned into prize packs including edibles, Czech Games Edition donated promo codes for digital downloads of two of their popular board games, Galaxy Trucker, and Through the Ages, for Android and iOS. Peter C. Hayward of Jellybean Games donated two copies of his game Scuttle to the event. GameChurch sent us some of their swag to give away, and Family Pastimes gave us 3 of their games for the table as well. Huge thank you to all everyone that donated something, it was a huge success. The a few of the big winners were Royce who won Imperial Settlers and a Dice Tower. Mark, who won the Muskoka Beer prize pack. Denise who won the Funk Pop figure that she wanted so badly, and Dave who won Bottom of the 9th and the Board Game Geek card game.

And now the moment we have all been waiting for…As of writing this we brought in $2286 from online donations, $430 from cash donations at the event, as well as almost $520 from our raffle and tuck shop for a grand total of just over $3200 raised for Yonge Street Mission. We will continue to take online donations until the end of October for anyone that still wants to help out. Thank you everyone for making this event a great success and helping out a great cause.


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