Original Post on Reddit by SuperChief9000 06/24/17

I’ve just awoken. I can’t get back to sleep, though everyone else is still in bed. I’m still having flashbacks to the horror of what I saw last night.

I brought my family to a resort for our summer vacation last night. The drive out was great, but storm clouds were on the horizon as we got to our condo and a chill was in the air. The first sign of the disaster I was about to encounter was outside our front door, where I found a single yellow plastic chip. “Huh”, I thought, “that looks like one of those Yahtzee chips. What is that doing here?” I pocketed the token and stepped inside.

The condo is a timeshare and we discovered that the owners keep a wide selection of books and puzzles for guests. Then my daughter opened the doors to the entertainment center.

Board games. Lots of them.

Not the ones we may think of. No TTR, nothing with Legacy, but an impressive stash nonetheless. My wife isn’t into the board games, so I hadn’t brought any, but I thought maybe she’d get into one of them with me once our little girl went to bed. I found Scrabble, two Trivial Pursuits, three Monopolies (standard, deluxe, junior), Clue, parcheesi, checkers, etc. A copy of Duck Dynasty was unopened. There were about twenty games altogether.

I let my daughter play with the Legos from Creationary while we unloaded the car and unpacked. Thank God she was in bed for what happened next. She’s only two years old.

Once she was in bed, I went back to the living room to put away the Lego game. As I looked into the cabinet I noticed that the lid to the original Trivial Pursuit wasn’t on the box. I carelessly grabbed the box halves and glanced inside.

Wedges. Lots of wedges. Many more than a single game of Trivial Pursuit should have. And no board, no die, and no questions.

“That’s odd”, I thought. Outside, the wind grew louder and the windows rattled. As I turned to put the box back, I saw about a half-dozen Monopoly houses and hotels laying loose on the shelf.

I still didn’t have a comprehensive idea of what I was about to discover as I attempted to return the houses to the right box. I opened the classic Monopoly and gasped. No dice. No tokens. No Community Chest cards. Most of the hotels gone. I grabbed Deluxe Monopoly. No twenties. No dice. The deed to St. James Place doesn’t match. I open, with trembling hands, Monopoly Junior. It’s a madhouse. There are four games worth of parts and pieces in the box. Bills from all three Monopolies are piled among about a half-pound of assorted plastic pieces, only some of which are clearly related to real estate.

The next moments were a daze, as I try to remember them now. Certainly when I discovered the four colors of chess men in the checkers box I had given up on checking to see if any were missing. I ended up opening almost every game. There were Lego pieces in almost every box. I was able to find one full set of Trivial Pursuit, eventually, but it had a Pictionary card in it that I never did find a home for. Most of the dice were in the Parcheesi set, but the parcheesi tokens were scattered among two other games. I never found the weapons from Clue.

After an hour, I was finally able to put the last box back into the cabinet. My wife (who, thankfully, had been soaking in the jacuzzi and had missed the entire ordeal) wrapped her arms around me as I stood, shaken. It was over.

Now that the sun is up and I hear birds chirping outside the window, last nights nightmare is starting to fade away. But looming in the corner is the unopened copy of Duck Dynasty. That may be a horror for another night.

(On my honor, I swear that the above story is true!