Rhino Hero is a dexterity game for 2 to 5 players by Haba Games (known for their great kids games) that plays in 5 to 15 minutes, and is great for ages 5 and up.

At the beginning of the game all players have a hand of 5 roof tile cards. Everyone takes turns placing walls on the previously played roof tile then adding a roof tile from their hand on top of the walls. The walls will have to be place in a specific orientation as shown on the roof tile that they will be placed on. Each roof tile may also have a special icon on it as well. These range from ‘miss a turn’, ‘switch turn direction’, to ‘move the Rhino Hero’. If the roof card with the Rhino symbol is played the next person will have to move then wooden rhino token from where ever it is to that roof tile before placing their walls followed by their roof card.

The first player to get rid of all of their roof tile cards is the winner, but if the tower falls the person that caused the collapse is automatically the loser and the ultimate winner will be the player with the fewest cards in their hand.

Thoughts: Great little game! The game is incredibly simple and easy to play. It plays very quickly so you can play while you’re waiting for your popcorn to pop or if you have a couple minutes to kill otherwise. It takes the basic concept of Jenga and makes it better in my opinion. At the very least it is taking boring wooden blocks and turning them into an interesting cartoon building.

The components are well made asa well. I was worried that the wall cards would get worn very quickly as they are folded, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. They fold nicely and, for the most part, keep their shape. The whole game is basically cards but not flimsy playing cards, nice ones. The wooden Rhino meeple isn’t incredibly impressive as it’s just a wood shape with a Rhino painted on. Component-wise the game isn’t that amazing, but it does what it’s supposed to and does it well I think.

For the Parents:

Sexual Content: None.

Drugs/Alcohol: None.

Language: None.

Horror/Occult: Only suspense from trying not to have the tower fall on your turn.