Concept is a 4-12 player party game for ages 10 and up that can be played in about 30-40 minutes.

The goal of Concept is to present or guess (depending on whose turn it is) clues using a selection of icons and pictures. The person presenting clues picks up a card with various things on them, anything from movie titles, song lyrics, places, or phrases. What that person must now do is, without speaking, try to get the other players to guess the phrase or object from the card. The board has many different pictures and symbols within squares all over the board such as depictions of cold or hot thermometres, pictures that depict tall or short, movie, tv, or book etc. Available to the presenter are a green question mark to represent the main concept along with associated green cubes to use to build upon that concept, and 5 other exclamation points in various colours with associated cubes as well to denote sub concepts and to build upon those.

A turn might look like this: I am trying to get the other players to guess the movie ‘The Terminator’. It is a movie so I will use that as my main concept and put the green question mark on the square with a film camera, to build upon this I might put a green cube upon the square that shows weapons and explosions to demonstrate that it is an action movie, and/or on a clock to show that it has something to do with time. What might be best at this point to to begin a sub-concept, I would start describing the antagonist in the movie since it’s named after him. I begin by placing one of the exclamation marks, let’s say the blue one, onto the space that shows a male person, followed by a cube of the same colour on a square that shows machinery in hopes that guessers will understand that it is a machine-man. I can keep going and build more sub-concepts in hopes that I narrow it down so that the others can guess but I must try not to complicate things or muddy it all up. As soon as someone guesses correctly they will get points.

My Thoughts: This is one of my wife and my favourites but I hardly call it a game. It’s more of an activity than anything but no less fun. It takes quite a bit of thought by both the guessers and presenters as you may have to think outside the box a bit. Overall it is quite the fun little activity.

As far as the components go it is basically what you can expect from a mass market game. The cubes, and question and exclamation marks are a decent transparent plastic, nothing extraordinary, but it doesn’t need to be in a game like this. The board and art is nothing fantastic as it is fairly minimalist except for the squares. When you play this game it is neither the art nor theme that draws you in but the Concept itself (see what I did there).

For the Parents:

Violence: None

Sexual Content: None.

Drugs/Alcohol: None.

Language: None.

Horror/Occult: None