There are various versions of Timeline and it’s sister game Cardline but they all play the same way, in fact you can add the Timeline games all together. The Timeline family of games are quick 15 minute games for 2-8 players from ages 8 and up.

In Timeline you and the other players are trying to put different historical events in order of when they happened. In Cardline you are putting things in order again but this time they might be Dinosaurs, or Animals, or even places, and you will be putting them in order of Size, Weight, Life-Expectancy, Population and more. You will have a choice of three options in Cardline.

At the beginning of the game there will be a random card out on the table for everyone to see and each player will get four cards, each with the event or animal (etc.) on both sides, but one side will also have the dates or sizes on it as well. You will keep that side face down so as to not look at it. On your turn you choose one of your cards and place it on the table on one side of the card currently there depending on if it comes before or after that card. If there are more cards on the table just find a spot in the line of cards that best fits the card you chose. Once you have decided where you think it belongs turn it over to reveal the stats/date, if you are right leave it there and play passes to the next person, if you are wrong place it in the correct place and draw another card. That’s it! The first person to run out of cards wins.

My Thoughts: I think it is hard to really dislike this game, it really doesn’t take any time at all to play and it is incredibly simple. It is a great game for the classroom or for those that homeschool as Timeline teaches when historical events happened, and Cardline teaches about different animals, dinosaur, and locations very well. There are so many categories available as well, Timeline has World History, Inventions, Music & Cinema, Discoveries, Canadian/American/British etc History, and more! Cardline does not have as many options so far with only Animals, Dinosaurs, Globetrotter, and Marvel. You will have no shortage of things to go through.

As far as the components go they are fair, you essentially have a deck of cards in a tin and that’s it. The tin is nice and compact which makes it easy to carry around with you should the mood for a quick game arise. But it is still a tin, I find that tins don’t stack as well as regular boxes do. The cards themselves are decent quality and have nice artwork on them, especially the Cardline series. My one complaint about the cards would be that I wish the Timeline cards were as big as the Cardline cards. Cardline has regular sized cards whereas the Timeline cards are miniature cards which can make them slightly harder to see or handle, but not much. All in all they are great games and very easy for the whole family to play.

For the Parents:

Violence: None

Sexual Content: None.

Drugs/Alcohol: None.

Language: None.

Horror/Occult: None