Las Vegas is a simple dice-rolling game for 2-5 players ages 8 and up that takes about 30 minutes to play.

In Las Vegas players are rolling dice and placing them at various casino spots to try to have the most at the casino to gain the money from it.

The game begins with six casino spaces numbered 1 through 6 and laid out on the table for all to reach. The money deck is shuffled and one at a time a money card is flipped face up at a casino. Once that casino receives at least $50000 (it’s possible to have more than $50000 but drawing more money stops as soon as you cross $50000) you move to the next casino until all casinos have at least $50000. After each casino has its money each player gets a set of 8 dice of their chosen colour and we begin the game.

The oldest player starts the game by rolling all 8 of their dice. They then choose a number represented on the dice to place at a casino of that same number. Players will take all the dice of that number and put them in the casino spot that shares the number. Play continues with each player around the table for multiple turns until everyone is out of dice and they have all been placed on a casino space. The player with the most dice at each spot gets to choose a money card from that location first followed by the person with the second most and so on until all the money cards are gone. However (and this is the big part of the game), players with the same amount of dice at each location cancel each other out and neither collect money. So if you and your friend each have four dice and someone else has two at Casino 2, you and your friend will get nothing and the person with two gets everything. Once the money at each casino has been collected you put more money back on each casino as before and start again. The game consists of four rounds, the winner being the player with the most money at the end of four rounds.

My Thoughts: This is an incredibly simple game with a lot of fun, especially if you like games that are a little meaner. There is quite a bit of screwing with others to either try to get the money for yourself or to just make it so they don’t get any. If you don’t like being mean or don’t want others being mean to you it might be better to not play this game but I have never had anyone that didn’t enjoy themselves. There is a bit of strategic depth as you have to weigh how many dice to use on a spot. Sure you could put almost all of your dice on one spot right off the bat and almost guarantee that you get the money there but there are six other spots that have money. Do you want guaranteed money or the potential for more. How much do you want to risk?

The components are very basic so there isn’t much to say. There’s not much going on. The casino spaces are just cardboard tiles and the dice are regular 6-sided dice.

This game is a great addition to your game shelf as its simplicity and fun makes it fantastic for family/friends game nights.

For the Parents:

Violence: None

Sexual Content: None.

Drugs/Alcohol: None.

Language: None.

Horror/Occult: None

*As the name of the game might suggest, the theme does revolve around gambling to a certain extent. While you aren’t betting money there is a push-your-luck, risk vs reward aspect to the game.