Board Games

The Dice Steeple – “Dan King (The Game Boy Geek) & Sam Healey (Dice Tower) talk about topics involving Christians and Tabletop Gaming while trying to bridge the gap between world views.” Website/Podcast

InnRoads Ministries – “InnRoads Ministries exists to provide content & services that promote fellowship through creative play in order to empower individuals, churches, and community groups to use gaming to share the gospel and develop disciples through meaningful relationships.” Website Facebook: Page Group Twitter Instagram Podcasts: Game Store Prophets Bard & Bible YouTube

Open Table Ministries – “Our desire is to share the love of Jesus with the gaming community in the Dayton area.” Facebook

Theology of Games – “We’re here to give you reviews and news on the board gaming industry from a ministry point of view.” Website Twitter Instagram YouTube

Role Playing Games

Christian Gamers Guild – “Christians have too long allowed non-Christians to dominate the imaginal world of role-playing, which was originally inspired by Christian men like J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, not to mention Dante, John Bunyan, and John Milton. I think it’s time to be a creative force in role-playing and other forms of gaming for the true author of all creativity and imagination, Almighty God Himself.” Website Facebook Twitter

Saving the Game – “Saving the Game is a podcast at the intersection of faith in Christ, tabletop roleplaying games, and collaborative storytelling. We provide resources for Christian gamers, and in our own way we aim to close the gap between non-gaming Christians and non-Christian gamers.” Website Facebook Twitter YouTube Google+

Video Games

Gaming and God – “The purpose for Gaming and God is to bridge the gap between the past time that is playing video games to scripture, biblical values and life lessons that we can use daily. Everything I write, I pray that God would use to speak to the reader and lead them to know Him more intimately, and receive the forgiveness of Jesus Christ for their sin.” Website Facebook Twitter

Mighty Grace Gaming – “Are you facing struggles, difficulties, obstacles, low points and challenges? We are here to help gamers to live a positive, hopeful, healthy, meaningful life. Connect with new friends in a worldwide caring gaming community that will be there for you. Let us walk with you here now.” Website Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram

Game Church – GameChurch exists to bridge the gap between the Gospel and the gamer.

We achieve that by motivating and equipping Christians and the local church to engage with gamers and bring the message of Jesus’ love hope and acceptance into the culture of video games. Website Facebook Youtube


Geeky Christian – “Technology has changed everything. Never before in the history of the church has there been access to such a wealth of resources. Our goal is to help people discover and use these resources to grow in their Christian faith.Website Facebook Instagram Tumblr Twitter Google+ Pinterest

General Geekery

2099 OCR – One Cross Radio and 2099 One Cross Street are Podcasts and website run by a good friend of ours, Chris. On Them he engages geek culture with a christian perspective. Website Facebook Instagram Podcast

Biblical Geek – “Biblical Geek seeks to connect things we love with the God who loves us. Sean Johnson, the primary content creator, is an ordained deacon in the United Methodist Church. He is also a lifelong Star Wars fan, an avid gamer, and an all around geek.” Website Facebook Twitter

Faith and Fandom – “Faith & Fandom is a book series of devotional essays on faith & geek culture. There are 5 volumes out now, plus a kids edition! We also do podcasts, art, panels, apparel, memes, and Comic Con life in general. We travel to roughly 28 Comicons a year in the south east.” Facebook Twitter Instagram Podcast

Games For All – “A blog run to help people explore their character (including their faith) and build key skills for life through playing board and video games. It provides guides to what games are so parents and church workers know that the kids are talking about and provides a link to scripture for each one. It’s a little quiet at the moment as the runner adjusts to life with a tiny baby!” Website Facebook: Page Group Twitter Instagram YouTube

Geek At Arms – “Movies, Star Wars, board games, rpg’s, sword fighting, we love it all! Join us as we discuss the geeky interests in our lives.” Website

Geekdom House – “We seek to be a sanctuary for these troubadours of society, a safe place for interaction, discussion, community, and acceptance—much like Christ offered when he was on Earth.” Website Facebook Twitter YouTube Podcast

The Geek Preacher – Derek White aka The Geek Preacher. Is a United Methodist Pastor in Tenessee. He has performed worship services at major conventions and is also the chaplain for Garycon, as well as sharing how his geekery and faith intersect. Website Facebook

Geeks 4 God – “We are just a bunch of college students wanting to grow our relationships with Christ and to serve our campus and the Rolla community. Most of us go to Missouri University of Science and Technology” Website Twitter

Geeks Under Grace – “EDUCATE Christians on how to safely consume pop culture from our worldview. EVANGELIZE geeks with the message of the Gospel by building bridges between Jesus and the geek community. EQUIP Christians and churches to reach geeks with the Gospel. ENCOURAGE Christians as they grow into a deeper relationship with Christ.” Website Facebook Twitter YouTube Podcast

God GeeksWebsite

[LOVE] – “[LOVE] is a nerd culture based community centered around love in an age of toxicity. We strive to be a safe place to discuss difficult topics.” Facebook Discord

Love Thy Nerd – “At LTN we love nerds. In fact, we’re nerds ourselves. We also love Jesus and believe in what he asked us to do: love our neighbors. Whether you are a gamer, a Trekkie, a comic nerd, a Whovian, an otaku, a brony, a roleplayer, a LARPer, or any other flavor of nerd, we think you are valuable and wonderful. Unfortunately, Christians haven’t always done a great job of loving their nerdy neighbors. We want to change that.” Website Facebook: Page Group Twitter Instagram YouTube

Min/Max Podcast – “We are a trio of nerds that get together each week to talk about the crossroads of faith and nerd culture. We endeavor to cover everything, from video and tabletop gaming, comic books, film and television, and the geeks that inspire us most!” Facebook Podcast: iTunes

Nerd Chapel – “The Nerd Chapel is committed to being a bridge between the Body of Christ and nerds/geeks/gamers who are interested in exploring the Bible and Jesus. We also want to be a resource for Christian nerds of all sizes.” Website Facebook

Nerd of God – “The Nerd of God.cast is a forum for Christian nerds who love to talk about all things geek. The timeless truth of the Bible is reflected in culture, and never before has our culture been so influenced by things once considered “nerdy.” We embrace both sides of this discussion, living on the edge of where Christ-culture and nerd-culture find sweet, sweet two-player co-op.” Website YouTube Facebook Twitter Instagram Podcast: iTunes Soundcloud

Spirit Blade/Christian Geek Central – “Spirit Blade Productions exists to equip, encourage and inspire Christian Geeks to live more and more for Jesus Christ. “Website YouTube Podcast CGC Website

Strangers and Aliens – “STRANGERS AND ALIENS is a podcast and blog that explores the relationship between God and man through the lens of speculative and imaginative fiction.” Website Facebook Twitter YouTube Podcast: iTunes

Did we forget anyone? Let us know and we’ll get the links up here as well.